Week 26 Day 1 Run Commute

Damn! Making good time when my left calf muscle went (over-compensating from a sore right knee after the weekend).

Week 25 Day 1 Run Commute 5k

Walked to work whilst it was pretty close and slightly spitting with rain, then ran home when it was very close and a lot warmer. Still feeling the effects of the summer cold.

Week 24 Day 1 Run Commute 5k

Very windy and imminent threat of heavy rain plus I’ve come down with (yet another) summer cold. Great! But quite pleased with the run.

Weight is down ½lb since last time…

Week 23 Day 2 Run Commute 5k

After walking 10km today, this was a run commute home; after the thunderstorm it was very humid too.

Sunday Woolwich 31.6k Part 2

So after my fenix 3 decided to finish the first bit for me – I suppose it thought that drinking wine wasn’t approriate behaviour – this was the second part back home.

Sunday Woolwich 31.6k Part 1

Went for a little cycle ride ending this part at Zizzi Canary Wharf for a bottle of wine and some Prosecco…

Week 22 Day 2 Run Commute 5k

Very windy and cold – it’s June, FFS! – but a good time this evening.

Weight is up ½kg, or 1lb since the end of April.

Week 21 Day 1 Run Commute 5k

After a long week on my feet and a walk to work, this was my run commute home. Felt OK too.

Rueil-Malmaison 4.5k

After walking 12.2km today according to my Apple Watch, I went out for a run before dinner. Nice route finishing alongside the Seine.

Week 20 Day 1 Run-Commute 5k

Back in the UK and only my first run commute this month, sadly.