All Prepped for 2017

So I’m happy to be able to report that all is well with the Sprint after an annual service and MoT at Jack Lilley at Romford: only 1,440 ,miles in the last year.

While it was in, they let me test drive a Triumph Tiger Explorer XRt for the day. Once I got used to armchair riding position, it seemed really comfortable although to reduce buffeting from the electrically-adjustable screen when making good progress, I needed it all the way up – I’m just under six feet tall.

Toys are impressive with cruise control and semi-active suspension and heated seats – there are two sections for the rider and pillion – which would be a boon for touring, but as will all these “Adventure” bikes it seems, hard luggage is an expensive extra. Spec’ing it up to a suitable specification brings its price to over £16,000 and there’s no way it’s worth my Sprint plus, what, nine or ten grand especially when the Sprint is performing faultlessly and is still low mileage (6,954).

The Sprint’s much nicer now since I had Michelin Pilot Road 4 (PR4) tyres fitted last year before the Brittany run and the Triumph Taloc waterproof leathers work well, both in the sun – see last year’s Eurothrash – and in the rain when I had the Sprint serviced.


Fathers’ Day 32k Cycle Ride

OK, so we may have stopped off at Le Pont de la Tour for a champagne (or two) and a cocktail (or three) which might explain why the last 3km is on a later Garmin Connect entry…

Woolwich Sunday 32km Cycle Ride

A bit of a different route here having to be diverted out to the Blackwell Tunnel Southern Approach due to all the residential development there. The usual break for alcohol and snacks at Zizzi’s Canary Wharf in the sunshine.

Sunday Cycle 17.3km

First part of our cycle ride. Stopped at Zizzi for alcohol and my watch decided to turn itself off.

…and it’s time for the cobblestones…